Bagel Boss of Merrick Bakery Menu



Assorted fresh baked muffins $2.75 each

fat free $2.75 each

Low carb $2.75 each

Blueberry crunch, corn, chocolate chip, chocolate chocolate chip, orange cranberry, raisin bran, oat-bran, cappuccino, chocolate cheese cake, blueberry, cranberry, banana nut, pistachio


Assorted Homemade Baked pastries $2.25 each

Cinnamon raisin danish, Cinnamon rolls, crumb cake, lintzer tarts, mini bundt cake, oatmeal raisin cookies, brownies, apple turnovers, chocolate cigar, cheese pockets, chocolate chip cookies, black & white cookies, blondes, cupcakes & assorted cinnamon fruit Danish


Mini Homemade Baked Pastries

Mini black & white cookies (1 dozen) $5.99

Mini cupcakes – mini croissants ( 8 pieces) $5.99

Assorted mini muffins (1 dozen) $5.99

Assorted mini fruit danish (1 dozen) $5.99


Homemade Old Fashioned

Assorted rugalach $12.99 lb.

Fresh bakery cookies $11.99 lb.


Old World Favorites

Chocolate Babka

Cinnamon Babka

Philly fluff

Chocolate meltaway

Chocolate or fruit mandel bread

Sponge cake

Marble cake


We also carry a wide variety of éclairs, cheesecakes, layer cakes, butter cream cakes, mouse cakes & much more.